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EPISODE 16 AIR FRYERS – Are they worth it

Air Fryers – are they worth it or just another kitchen gadget that’s got a lot of hype? Part of the problem is in the name as they do so much...

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Hi, everyone, welcome to the Breathe Better podcast. While this podcast won’t change your life, I think it will get you to think about how you breathe in a whole new...

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When I say the word BARRE what comes to mind first? Well of course that would depend on the context, it could be the bar where you order your drinks, it...

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EPISODE 13 The Alcohol Free Sometimes podcast

Are you alcohol free sometimes? Fix yourself a drink sit back and take a moment to listen to this ALCOHOL FREE SOMETIMES PODCAST from Dubai with me Monica Kapila your host...

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EPISODE 12 Gluten Free Porridge NO OATS

If you’re bored of your usual bowl of breakfast and want some gluten free porridge ideas with NO OATS BUT you still want to tick your: HEALTHY GLUTEN FREE HAS TO...

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Episode 11 Vegan Ice Cream just 3 ingredients

Honestly easy vegan ice cream made with 3 main ingredients. This easy, peasy, vegan ice cream is cool, tasty, healthy ish and very versatile. So listen in to me teaching a...

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Episode 10 The Power of Pilates

Learn about how the Power of Pilates can not only strengthen your core, but also help rewire your brain and potentially slow down or even reverse the inevitable loss of brain...

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