EPISODE 16 AIR FRYERS – Are they worth it

Air Fryers – are they worth it or just another kitchen gadget that’s got a lot of hype? Part of the problem is in the name as they do so much more than just fry!

Listen to see how to use your air fryer to make things like a plum crumble. Hear why I think they make a perfectly affordable gift for people of all ages who can and can’t cook.

Welcome to Episode 16 Air Fryers, this is why they’re worth it. (of course if we’re talking kitchen gadgets then check out what a thermomix is all about too- Episode 6)

What is an air fryer and how does it work?

Air fryers are actually very powerful mini convection ovens that require way less oil compared to the amount needed for shallow frying or sauteing food.

That means health benefits on the less oil front for sure. But remember it’s size makes it super fast, so it’s convenient too.

Great if you’re cooking for a small household but not ideal if you have a large family, back to the oven.

Benefits of it’s small size

If you had a small kitchen or even just a counter, then an Air Fryer would be ideal as they roast as well as air fry, and dehydrate too! Apple crisps anyone?

It’s perfect for a student going to college, for anyone working from home or someone who’s on shifts and doesn’t want to turn on a whole oven or grill to melt some cheese on some bread!

While most air fryers I have seen are black, we LOVED this sleek white one from ChinaTown in Dubai Mall.

Recipes and tips for using an air fryer

Have a look at this recipe on our instagram reel for air fryer plum crumble, a super recipe for a dessert that has no gluten and very little sugar, all done in the air fryer. Well apart from whizzing up some nuts and seeds for the crumble.

And check out our magazine page from our sister site doindubai for some air fryer recipes.

We also love our air fried pakodas done in little cake cases! See this link.

If you’d like more air fryer recipes then


So overall Air Fryers are they worth it ? I totally think so yes!

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