Episode 7 We Must Talk About KETO

KETO is one of those styles of eating that seems to be popular now. 

But what does KETO really mean and how can it be healthy if it means eating all that fat? Understand the facts about how KETO does and doesn’t work in under 15 minutes in this concise easy to listen to podcast. 

We Must Talk About KETO

I based a lot of this podcast on an interview with a fully qualified KETO coach Shirley D’Souza currently based in Dubai. You can contact her using the details and links below.

According to Shirley

Weight loss is the byproduct of a healthy body..

So we have to emphasize health and establish an enjoyable way of eating if we’re going to MAINTAIN lifelong changes to how we eat.

Apparently eating like your ancestors did really helps, but sticking to what’s in season locally near you is just as important. For me I like to eat with other people as often as I can and call me shallow, but the table needs to look nice too

If you want to go KETO then try this:

  • Try eating only proteins cooked in good fats and include vegetables in every meal
  • Don’t eat any processed foods
  • Cook with grass fed butter, ghee, olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Eat salmon and oily fish for your keto proteins.
  • Try the simple carbs first like berries and leafy greens and then incorporate things like sweet potato and carrots much later 
  • If you get bored then add a little cheese, nuts and avocado to avoid palate fatigue and try to eat what’s actually growing naturally near where you live.
  • Try and eat some of what your ancestors would have had too.


After listening to the podcast can you identify what’s KETO and what’s not on this plate? And more importantly how could you substitute what’s not keto.


Salmon with some herbs and green beans is KETO friendly . BUT substitute the brown rice with spicy cauliflower rice.  

Having a thermomix would make it so easy to produce the cauliflower and any kind of “vegetable” rice.

LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST ON THE THERMOMIX to find out more on that.