Learn how you could have a deeper sleep, slow down your mind and make space in bits of your body you never knew you had just, honestly The Yin Thing really is the NEW IN THING. You’ve heard of different types of yoga from Hatha to Hot but what’s the Yin Thing all about then? For anyone who thinks yoga’s not for them, or if you just need to have a solidly good sleep and make a bit more space between your joints, bones, muscles and tissues so everything can flow more smoothly, you need to listen in to the Yin Thing and I’ll explain how it really does work. Welcome to this episode where I’m asking you to have Yin Moment.

Why take my word for it?

I’ve been going to 2 types of Yin Yoga class at a local health club in Dubai where I live for just under a year now, both weekly class are about an hour and 1/2 or so and I’d say after 90% of them, I have the best sleep of the week, that’s at night by the way, not just lying in shavasna at the end of the class. I also feel very relaxed after them. You might also like to know that it appeals to all ages, my daughter in her early twenties (with us in Dubai at the time of recording this podcast) asked to come with me a few times as well. Now back in London she does believes in The Yin Thing.

Other ways you can stop your mind from racing include trying some Vipassana Meditation. We have an easy to listen to podcast on that topic. Vipassana Mediation Podcast.


Check out the Instagram of one my Yin Yoga Teachers Becoming Yin here.

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