Episode 4: Eye Health – Zoom in now

How important is your Eye Health? A practical podcast sharing simple techniques to help you look after your eyes a bit better. A hugely important issue to address in this era of unprecedented screen time.

That’s why I’m recording a podcast instead of writing a blog post. Try and make more use of the voice assistant on your phone an easy way to look after your eye health. 

Take a look at this You Tube video that explains all the elements a good eye test should address.  Yes it’s for a child, but it still applies to an adult eye test. 

Monica Garnett – a vision therapist based in Dubai can be reached via DUBAI COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE 04 507 8000 

Catia Pineza … an optometrist who helped me with my eye issues, also based in Dubai may be reached via EBSAAR EYE CLINIC 04 314 0422  

Take a look at this related article from the BBC dated January 2021 on the Impact of lockdown screen time on Eye Health 

Check out the instagram feed from DOINDUBAI ...our cool sister site that inspired us to start our podcast channel.

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