Episode 8 Matcha Tea – not just for drinking

Matcha Tea

Learn all about matcha in under 10 minutes. Matcha Tea originally from China, is now associated with Japan. Matcha has been considered a super food long before the phrase super food itself became popular. 

BUT do you really understand what is all the fuss about…? Has is got caffeine and how does it compare to coffee? 

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If it is really that good, how can I easily incorporate it into what I eat every day? If you ever wondered about that green powder and why people have suddenly switched to drinking matcha lattes instead of skinny cappuccinos, then take a Matcha Moment and find out why you ought to have a pot of it next to your coffee jar..but don’t think it’s the same as that other green superfood Morninga! 

Welcome to Monic Moments, today it’s Monica on Matcha. 

A lot of this podcast was based on an interview and cooking session with Yvette of Yvetteteas. Check out her profile on instagram in the link. 

Try this EASY RECIPE for Matcha Energy Balls that Yvette and I made together and keep in the freezer for when you need a little extra to get you through your day. Great idea for supercharging your breakfast smoothie too. 

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