Episode 6: Thermomix

1.What exactly is a thermomix?

2. What can it do that a good food processor can’t ?

3. How big is it – no more space on my counter either!

4. How much does it cost type of thing – This first of two episodes about The Thermomix.


what exactly is a thermomix then?

We mention a review that was written on our award winning sister site WWW.DOINDUBAI.COM so if you want to read that then click My Thermomix in Dubai review here.

We also love these two thermomix princesses one is Indian based in London the other is a Kiwi based in New Zealand, check out their instagrams to find out how to make the dreamiest gluten free, sugar free brownies and aqua faba meringue!

I’m not sure I know of any other all in one machine that does both broad functions of PROCESSING AND COOKING. 

MixFixCook by Aruna Khanzada in London

My_Super_Smart_Kitchen by Julia Rose currently in New Zealand both these ladies are super cooks!


the creamiest mango dessert using frozen mango chunks, sugar and a dollop of youghurt

Check out the instagram feed from DOINDUBAI ...

our cool sister site that inspired us to start our podcast channel.

Update 16th May 2021

I did actually go ahead and buy a thermomix, the latest version, which is  the TM6 (at the time of writing).

I love it. I use it daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Constantly when I have people over.  I use the recipes in the cookiedoo account, but I also confidently disrupt those recipes. I have been happy being creative with my own recipes experimenting with flavours throughout the process.

If you have any questions on the thermomix then go to my @doindubai instagram account and send me a dm or use the contact link here to send me a message directly. I can put you in touch with the distrubutior for Dubai and if you’re seriously thinking about buying one here then I might even show you how to make my 20 second lemon and courgette cake!