Episode 2: Vipasana Meditation – why bother?

How does Vipasana  Meditation work and why you SHOULD bother with it, whether you think you need it or not.  A practical chat on what to expect based on my recent experience of it.

Trying to be physically still, literally is the first step towards being mentally still, more observation, less absorption.

Train the muscle of your mind to come back and come back and come back… to your breath, and simply label all those pesky thoughts – as Thinking then let them go again and again and again. 

You may want to try a session of vipasana meditation at STUDIO REPUBLIK if you’re based in Dubai. You don’t have to be a member to try a session.

Check out this podcast from the BBC World Service on the same topic VIPASSANA 240 HOURS OF SILENCE

We don’t have the social channels for Monic Moments quite up yet, but Check out the instagram feed from DOINDUBAI ...our cool sister site that inspired us to start our podcast channel.

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