Podcast: BODY

Episode 6: Thermomix

1.What exactly is a thermomix? 2. What can it do that a good food processor can’t ? 3. How big is it – no more space on my counter either! 4. How much does it cost type of thing – This first of two episodes about The Thermomix. We mention a review that was written…

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Episode 4: Eye Health – Zoom in now

How important is your Eye Health? A practical podcast sharing simple techniques to help you look after your eyes a bit better. A hugely important issue to address in this era of unprecedented screen time.

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Episode 3: Invisaligns. What’s it really like and are they worth it?

Invisaligns are really popular with adults, listen to my experience of Invisaligns to help you make an informed decision. This chat   will make you laugh too. Adult braces are a really big decision, especially if nothing hideous is out of place, really expensive too, what should you expect and how can you prepare a bit…

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