Podcast: LIFE

EPISODE 13 The Alcohol Free Sometimes podcast

Are you alcohol free sometimes? Fix yourself a drink sit back and take a moment to listen to this ALCOHOL FREE SOMETIMES PODCAST from Dubai with me Monica Kapila your host and Erica Doyle owner and founder of the Drink Dry Store in Dubai. I completed dry January for the first time in my life…

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Episode 5: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

An easy but insightful chat about the basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Enough to make you sound intelligent and food for thought if you do consider investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.  Learn how people are now paying for their weekly online grocery shop using Bitcoin and checking out with a crypto currency credit card.

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Episode 1: Ladies Nights Dubai

Welcome to our first episode of MonicMoments,  talking about the concept of Ladies Nights as we experience them here in Dubai. Why did they start, where do they happen and do you have them where you live? 

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